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Galatée Faivre, expert in wine identity, assist professionals in PREMIUM wines towards success. These last 15 years, she made more than 300 companies progress and some of them have had +500% of TO. She is also recognized to be a "shaman" of wine soul, wine identity worldwide.

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"Thank you for this Challenge that has literally propelled us into a new business and spiritual era"
Franck Pascal (Champagne)

"In a painful period, Galatée and the Club was able to bring out the strength of a real rebirth in us"
Sylvie Plessis (Loire)

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Carole Garreau (Armagnac) 

"Thank you Galatée, for your help and your precious tools. They opened my eyes to a new vision of my range and, step by step, thoroughly allowed to make my dream come through"
Claudine Lapalus (Rhône)

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Virgile Joly (Languedoc)

"In a painful period, Galatée and the Club was able to bring out the strength of a real rebirth in us"
Gaël Arpin (Saint-Emilion)

"Working with Galatée, it's turning into a successful winegrower, but also a winegrower of value!"
Jean Claude Rièfle (Alsace)

"Future is about creating value, thank you iD ViN"
Pascal Duconget (Rhône Valley)

"In this work of value creation, once the identity is set up, everything is naturally aligned and the result perfectly fits my expectations. Thank you Galatée"
Arielle Demets (Faugères)
iD ViN and Galatée Faivre are often quoted in the professional press for their expertise and their realizations.
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