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Galatée Faivre, expert in wine identity and EXPORT markets, assist professionals in PREMIUM wines towards success. These last 15 years, she made more than 300 companies progress and some of them have had +500% of TO. She is also recognized to be a "shaman" of wine soul, wine identity worldwide. She MASTER EXPORT in the NEW WINE ECONOMY to use specific internet tools to automate animations of sales, new contacts and Export new contracts.

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See you soon,
Galatée Faivre
One of the last testimonials received: 15 years of reflection ... Yes, RESULT!
Hello Galatée,
I end my day and end reading your book, received this morning
Thank you for these 20 tips in response to the basic questions of the moment.
Yes, I waited until 2020 to join this CLUB that you created long before … It took me 15 YEARS, since we met at LACHETEAU, to adhere to this wine discourse that you have since initiated, with success with big names (ex: Gérard BERTRAND whom I admire!)
By arriving now, after a lot of emotions and hard work, I feel ready to honor my commitment as Talent Winegrower, finally well identified, in my singularity, with my values ​​and in a team spirit for the CLUB collective!
On these original bases, in search of truth and authenticity, I hope to translate with my wines, my history and my Sologne terroir into all languages ​​and far from any misunderstanding. There will not be for everyone!
Like the archery shooter, you sometimes have to shoot your arrow well back before launching it into the unknown above a blocked horizon!
My apologies for yesterday, results for today and tomorrow!

Philippe L. Loire
Galatée Faivre, expert in the wine industry, calmly anticipates the FUTURE, she supports professionals in wine, Champagne, Spirits, INTELLIGENTS, in their success, particularly on the internet, in France and internationally.

Galatée guides you on the path of the new wine economy. She has a clear vision of the future of the wine world = sell in STREAMING, EXPORT directly, automate PROSPECTING. The authenticity of a winegrower's speech and its automatic distribution with digital tools is the future and already a reality for CLUB members. Galatée has helped more than 300 companies to progress in recent years, some of which have achieved + 500% in turnover.

Join the Talented Winegrowers CLUB NOW (we are part of the year on the waiting list) and awaken the soul of your wine, find clarity, dynamism and abundance in your daily activity, thanks to our TOOLS to BUY your Great Wines and Premium Spirits in YOUR COUNTRY and ESPECIALLY FOR EXPORT.
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Access now the B to B Video "How to achieve + 30% turnover, just according to your experience, RESOURCES that you have not yet properly exploited and RECOVER ORDERS in one week in" Stand By "", and other valuable information in videos to QUICKLY EXPORT those good bottles!

"Thank you for this Export Challenge that has literally propelled us into a new business and spiritual era"
Franck (Champagne)

"In a painful period, Galatée and the Club was able to bring out the strength of a real rebirth in us, bringing a lot of new clients to us"
Sylvie (Loire)
"We were looking for real follow-up, support, a deal to sell with internet tools: this is what we found with Galatée, we have 100% control over the way we sell, we control prices, we control everything from A to Z thanks to its support. "
Clara. (Champagne)
"We ended up with a domain which had an identity already" passed ", it was necessary to rebuild everything, to redo everything ... The life of a winegrower is often to run from one emergency to another, over the seasons , without cuts, without being able to focus on the essential, we are always interrupted. This program gave me the framework, the focus, I am quite proud of my results, Galatée gave me the right tools to that I advance by myself.
We are a small structure, we cannot take an agency or delegate outside, often to people who do not understand our wines like us and who suddenly miss a very important element, by doing ourselves we is focused on the essentials to sell well. Before I was isolated, thanks to the CLUB, I feel surrounded there is a great solidarity between us. Now I'm straight in my boots, when a pro client asks me a question about the PRICE, I know what to answer "Manon. (Loire)

"What a pleasure to move forward at your own pace while being supported and effectively supported in success"
Carole. (Armagnac)

"Thank you to the Club and Galatée for your help and your invaluable tools which opened me to a new vision of my range, and support me at every step in a methodical way"
Claudine. (Rhône)
"The Club, it transforms our marketing, it contributes to positively change our life, with very simple tools we regain confidence in the future"
Emeline. (Bordeaux)
“The Club allows me to work at my own pace and to really boost my entire French and Export sales approach. It is so much better to be supported to act in the new wine economy ”
Véronique. (Rhône)
"With the scarcity of wine shows and the difficulties of traveling to Paris and elsewhere, which took me too much time, I am satisfied to have crossed the doors of the Club. I am learning to automate my prospecting and to deploy my direct sales, it's simple and powerful, it's the future by keeping the best of the past in the vines: my authenticity ".
Philippe. (Burgundy)

“Working with Galatée is refreshing! This helps every good winegrower to better sell his wines ”
Virgil. (Languedoc)

"It's innovative and promising for the future, it works on all my strategic questions! "
Gael. (Saint Emilion)

“Working with Galatée means becoming a prosperous winegrower, but also a valuable winegrower! "
Jean Claude. (Alsace)

“The future is the creation of value. Thanks iD ViN. "
Pascal. (Rhône Valley)

"In this work of creating value, once the identity is defined, everything aligns naturally and the result perfectly meets my expectations. Thank you Galatée ”
Arielle. (Faugères)
iD ViN and Galatée Faivre are often quoted in the professional press for their expertise and their realizations.
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