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20 tips to better sell 
your premium wine
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Premium wine, champagne and spirits professionals, you're wondering about the best way to sell? In this PRACTICAL book, I'm sharing my 20 years of valuable experience with you.
What's in the book 
"20 tips to better sell your PREMIUM wine"?
  • Part 1: Define your strategy, the deep identity of your brand and how to value it
  • Part 2: Be efficient while spending less time at it, and how to attract future customers?
  • Part 3: Boost your communication, know how to sell and promote your PREMIUM wines
Galatée Faivre, wine business expert, futurologist and shaman releases the soul of wine to co-create a desirable future. She made more than 300 companies grow over the past 15 years, some of which made + 500% turnover.

In this book, she answers some crucial questions for you: what is my best source for creating value? How to make my offer easier to sell beyond my designations? How to present my offer in one sentence? What's the best way to use social networks?
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